Male Stripper Secret's Revealed | Exclusive Inside Look Into The Industry!

Its time we ripped the bandage off the wound revealed all the male stripping secret’s you’ve been wanting the answer to for years.

Today experienced male stripper ‘Tommy “Gun” Harvey’ will uncover some common questions people have for male strippers around the world.

Interviewer: Do you use penis pumps?

Tommy: In the UK most male strippers will use penis pumps, unless they are already genetically blessed ‘down stairs’ (which isn’t that many).
It’s always been a tradition to use the penis pump before starting a strip-a-gram or even a stage show.
A stripper will typically use the device to increase their penis size, and then begin to ‘tie off’ their penis with tight rubber bands to essentially trap and keep the extra blood inside of their genitals, giving the illusion of a huge penis. After the show the stripper will quickly run back stage and cut off the rubber bands, which will release all the pressure and instigate normal blood flow again.
This is very common.

In the Australia, New Zealand using a cock pump isn’t heard of at all and very rarely will you see male strippers using this device. There’s no secret, just let it all hang out as it appears.
I’ve always wondered why male strippers in AUS & NZ don’t use pumps, and I think it may come down to being comfortable in your own skin.
Many male strippers in the UK are very self conscious about their own body and penis size, and therefore feel the need to ‘pump it up’.
However male strippers in AUS & NZ are more relaxed on this concept and tend to accept whatever judgement they receive on their private parts without much care in the world.

In the United States & Canada - The use of a penis pump is only noticeable within the African American male revue industry.
This is a specific industry niché that solely host’s small male stripper revues in local venues, with an emphasis on an all black female crowd and dancers.
The performers tend to just walk around the room without any specific stage, and the crowd freely interacts with the male strippers.

In this type of industry, all the male strippers will use penis pumps before walking out into the room. The male strippers will also usually wear very exotic costumes and only cover their penis with a small cloth.

However, having said that, all other types of male stripping in the USA & Canada generally won’t use penis pumps.
This includes ‘strip-a-gram’ strippers and stage show male strippers.
In general, the use of the penis pump is declining every year.
It was originally an ‘old school’ thing to do, but we don’t live in the 90’s anymore, and less guys are opting to use one.
It's just one of those things that started off as tradition but lost its value over time.

Check out the above video I created to show you how to use a penis pump

Interviewer: What about fornication? Do male strippers have sex with clients.

Tommy: Well, yes its happens, but not all the time. For most male strippers, they will have slept with a client a least once in their career (multiple times for many guys).
We are men after all, horny and always thinking with our penis! Can you blame us?
Male strippers are placed into an environment where lot’s of women are in throwing themselves at us, and it’s very easy for most men to give into their desires and have a no strings attached sexual relationship with a client.

If both people are happy, and know exactly what they are getting into, I see no problem from a basic human relationship point of view. However from a professional point of view there is an issue here.
In the industry, it’s frowned upon to fornicate with clients, as it can destroy your reputation as a professional.
In this instance male strippers are forced to choose between their own desires and making money as a job. Most male strippers choose to make the money.

It wouldn’t be right for me to say all male strippers do this, because I personally know men who were married or never slept with any clients during their time in this industry, ever.
What can I say? Some men have better control over their emotions than others. It’s as simple as that.

In an environment where you are surrounded by women, it can be easy to give in to your own desires.

In an environment where you are surrounded by women, it can be easy to give in to your own desires.

Interviewer: Ok, so everyone thinks that male stripper live a 24/7 party lifestyle. Is this true?

Tommy: If we all partied 24/7, we would have nothing left for dancing! After a night of male stripping, you’re literally exhausted. Unable and unwilling to do anything but sleep and rest.

The only male strippers i’ve seen that party heaps are male strippers based in Las Vegas, however, it’s usually only for a maximum of 2-3 weeks. The ones that do party hard are the new guys, the ones fresh to the whole experience of male stripping. Because they have so much excitement, they go on a drug fuelled party rampage for a solid 2-3 weeks, with enough cocaine to make it snow for a day.

After they settle into life in Vegas, they realise that this way of living is unsustainable. They soon calm down and begin living like normal human being again, like the rest of us.

Don’t get me wrong, male strippers love to party, we just don’t do it all the time. Contrary to popular belief, most male strippers just live normal lives.

Male strippers are just like everybody else: we act silly, take time off and live normal lives!

Male strippers are just like everybody else: we act silly, take time off and live normal lives!

Interviewer: Ok last question, how do you control yourselves when dancing for smoking hot women? Do you get an erection?

Tommy: Dancing for hot women and getting hard may be an issue for new guys to the industry, as they may not have experienced such a sensation before. However for the rest of us male strippers, it’s a simple case of repetition calming and controlling us.

When you’ve been dancing for many years, chances are you’ve seen things and done things most people will never see/do in their life. You’re mind will be broader and more experiences under your belt.
Let me put it this way, it’s not that we don’t love our job, the issue is that it’s just become a ‘job’.
Most male strippers after a few years of dancing are in the industry to make money! We don’t really care who we dance on anymore, young, old, thin, fat, white, black, it doesn’t matter to us!

If anything male stripping actually makes you more open minded and accepting of all kinds of women. I personally love stripping for older women! They are always down to have a good laugh and truly enjoy the show!

Tommy on stage getting the ‘hands on’ treatment!

Tommy on stage getting the ‘hands on’ treatment!