So you’re planning a special event in Brisbane, and you want to be sure you can trust your entertainers, am i right?
Thats completely normal! We all want to make sure we have the highest quality male strippers, topless waiters or any kind of hens party entertainment! Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Tommy, and I am the owner of ‘Brisbane Male Strippers’.
I have been involved in the adult entertainment industry for over 9 years! I am a male stripper myself, and I have been performing all over the world for the majority of my time.

I have worked with some of the most prestigious shows in the world including: Aussie Heat in Las Vegas, Adonis Cabaret in Europe, Hunk Mania in Melbourne, Bad Boys Australia in Queensland and Wild Boyz in the United States.

hire a male stripper in Brisbane. Hens party topless waiters, butlers and male strippers available for booking.

My performing experience has taken me to appearing on live TV, talk shows on radio, modelling contract’s, media appearances and dancing for thousands of women at international Expo’s in China.

I have since decided to settle down here in S.E Queensland and found one of the state’s most trust sources of hens party entertainment.


Simply put: I have the highest standards of anyone in the industry. This is because I am a male stripper myself, and I won’t only the BEST and most PROFESSIONAL entertainers to be represented on my books!

I will not settle for a local bodybuilder looking to make a ‘quick buck’ and sleaze on women! I want to bring back the true entertainers to this industry, i want only the best for your special night!

I run and operate a training academy called “Male Stripper Academy” worldwide, and one of my recuitment processes is to make sure every single employee of mine has been fully trained to the highest standard.

This is something no other agency does. I simply care, and thats a rare thing to find with other agency’s these days.

Rest assured, every single male stripper, topless waiter, life drawing model or twerking class teacher I hire has been through a long application process.
I make it a priority for me to met, interview and see every single person I hire in action! You would be amazed at how many other business’s haven’t even met their employee’s! Not even once!

hire a hens party male stripper or birthday party male stripper, in brisbane city.


Because I’m sick of seeing bad male strippers, topless waiters, etc, get away with doing terrible jobs!
It’s just not fair on the entertainers who actually care and put in an effort!

I was once one of those male strippers who didn’t get work because other men were ‘favorited’ and ‘put forward for every single job’ by agency’s, those guys were appalling and it made me feel sick!

I made a promise to myself that one day I would start a company that would give the true entertainers a chance in this industry and bring back to quality dancers!

And now here we are! I present to you: “Brisbane Male Strippers”.