How To Get Started As A Male Stripper - Male Stripping Beginners Guide

Your ultimate beginners guide on how to get started as a male stripper!

Getting started as a male stripper doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, with the right advice and direction you can get into this industry quickly and with ease.

Today i’m going to break down, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to become a male stripper. I’ll show you what’s required, what’s expected of you, and the best way to make a huge first impression in the male stripping industry.

Step 1: Decide on what type of stripping YOU want to do

It may come as a surprise to many that there are in fact three types of male stripping, yes, three!
All types of stripping are quite different and unique, and will give you a completely different direction in this industry, so it’s important that you take your time to decide on what you would like to do, so let’s go over them!

The first type of male stripping is “male strip club work”.
This describes strippers who work in a permanent venue, with it’s complete focus on being a women only entertainment venue.
Think of a female strip club, now replace the female strippers with men, and you have a male strip club.

This type of stripping primarily focuses on mingling with female parton’s and selling private lap-dances.
The venue will usually be open most days of the week, and will provide an environment in which you can sell your services to the clients on a consistent basis.

The second type of stripping is “male revue work”.
Male revue’s are different from male strip clubs because they usually do not own their own venue.
Most male revues are a choreographed and organised male strip show that either tours around from venue to venue, or, perform’s their show every Saturday night for 2-3 hours in a popular nightclub (or something along those lines).
The show is essentially a male striptease theatrical performance, in which you will dance with a group of fellow male strippers, performing that same consistent routines every time.

And finally the last type of male stripping is “strip-a-gram work”.
This is when you work as a freelance male stripper.
In this industry, you get directly booked to perform a short 15-20min show (or in some countries 1 hour shows) at the clients location.
This can vary from a hotel, motel, air BnB, house, venue, nightclub or even karaoke rooms.

The occasions are most commonly bachelorette parties and birthday parties, however it’s not uncommon to strip at divorce parties, baby showers, girls night out, swingers parties and other strange and crazy events.

If you would like to learn more about the 3 types of male stripping in depth, check out this article HERE.
And scroll down to the 3 types of male stripping section.
So, have a long think about what type of male stripping you will pursue, as each type is very different and will dramatically affect your experience and income in this industry.

‘Male Stripper Revue’ is just one of the types of male strippering you can do, in which you will perform on stage with a group of guys.

‘Male Stripper Revue’ is just one of the types of male strippering you can do, in which you will perform on stage with a group of guys.

Step 2: Get experience doing topless waitering

As in most job’s, employers will often say “we require you to have experience”, this is frustrating to say the least. How are we supposed to get experience if nobody will give us a chance?

Luckily for you, there is an easy and quick way to gain relevant experience in the male stripping industry.
As the step 2 title suggests, i strongly recommend you source some topless waitering work.
Topless waitering will give you valuable experience in dealing with the bachelorette party scene and communicating with women. These are very important skills you will need to have.

Unlike male stripping work, acquiring a position as a topless waiter is relatively easy in any type of male stripping scene.
This is because the work itself, is quite straight forward an easy, and shouldn’t require much of at all besides confidence, good communication skills and professional photos. If you can demonstrate all 3 effectively to an employer, they will not hesitate to give you topless waitering jobs.

Once you have experience with topless waitering, you can confidently say that you have relevant experience in the adult entertainment industry. This will make your application look much stronger for all male strip jobs you wish to apply for.

You can get a really good head start in this industry by doing some simple topless hosting work!

You can get a really good head start in this industry by doing some simple topless hosting work!

Step 3: Get relevant male stripper training

There are many ways to prepare for your first male strip job, such as getting dance classes, watching videos, etc. However it can be hard to initially find the right relevant training specifically for male stripping. It’s a unique profession and the principles of male strip performing are very different to that of any dance style, theatrical performing or any kinds of entertainment. Male stripping is in a league of its own.

The ride along system is a great way to learn about how to perform like a male stripper. It’s basically just ‘shadowing’ an experienced male stripper for 1 night, watching everything he does, going everywhere he goes. However it can be hard to find a male stripper to agree to this or even approach one.

Some male revues will possibly take you on board and offer full training if they see lots of potential I you, however once again this is also uncommon as it requires much time and effort on the show’s behalf, to train you up, for free.

Yes, it’s possible in any type of male stripping to slowly grind and work your way up the ladder, learning things slowly, year after year, however it all seems like a long drag and waste of time, right?

Lucky for you guys, there is an online training system called ‘Male Stripper Academy’. They offer an online training program in full video tutorial format, teaching everything you need to know to become an expert male stripper.
Being able to confidently say you are fully trained, and you know what you are doing, is going to be priceless when applying for work, it will help you greatly, and prepare you to jump straight up the ladder and avoid years and years of slow grinding. You can start stripping and earning money straight away.

For more info about Male Stripper Academy - CLICK HERE.

Step 4: Acquire all relevant costumes/props needed

Some of the things you will need:

  • Reliable transport

  • A stripper costume with detachable parts, in a specific theme of your choice

  • Any props you may use in your show, such as - body lotion, Sex toys, whips, whipped cream, handcuffs, firehose, police batton, blindfold, rope, torch, measuring tape, or anything you can think of that would go well with your strip show theme.

  • A music speaker, preferably bluetooth compatible, portable and very loud.

  • a big suitcase to carry around all your costumes/props and everything you need for the duration of the night.

  • A device to play your music from (can use a smartphone - however make sure it’s in flight mode when dancing so you don’t get calls halfway through).

For some cool ideas for male stripper routines/themes, you can check out my article on this topic HERE.

Using props is recommended during your show, so make sure you have them all organised!

Using props is recommended during your show, so make sure you have them all organised!

Step 5: Apply for your first male stripper job!

After you can tick all of the boxes above, it’s time to finally get yourself some work in the male stripping industry!

So the first point of contact should be sending an email and also a phone call later that day to follow up.
Simply ‘Google’ the local male strip clubs, revues or agency’s in your city, and contact the entire list from the first page of google, as they will be the ones getting the majority of work.

When sending your initial email include the following:
- Your name
- Where you currently live
- What relevant experience you have
- 1-2 sentences about yourself
- Where you are willing to travel to for work (if doing strip-a-grams)
- Why you want to be a part of this industry
- Your professional photos (this always helps immensely).
- Your routine outline and provided themes (if doing strip-a-grams)
- Confirmation that you have a legal working status.

Now remember don’t be disheartened if you don’t get an immediate reply, In the business, it’s common for them to receive application nearly everyday. So make sure you are persistent and send multiple emails, one everyday until you get a reply if you have to. Trust me, it pays off to hustle hard.
Also don’t forget to pick up the phone and call them at least once a day until you can talk to someone important.

If you are applying to work in a male strip club, them i would also strongly suggest visiting the venue in person just before the club opens, so you can talk to the manager and get an idea of the working environment.
DO NOT visit during the busiest time of the night, it will be a major inconvenience for them to talk to you, it will most likely annoy them as they will be trying to run and operate the show at the same time.
So visit before the club opens, have a chat, and stay for a little bit to see what goes on inside.

Male Stripper “Tommy Gun” performing at Sin City nightclub in Gold Coast, Australia.

Male Stripper “Tommy Gun” performing at Sin City nightclub in Gold Coast, Australia.

So there you have it guys! That’s basically how you get started as a male stripper in a nutshell!
In order to make your application stand out and be recognized you will need to make sure you pay close attention to all the steps i have covered above!
Good luck!